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Companies and establishments on 1 January. By activity sector

Companies on 1 January. By activity sector Catalonia. 2020
Value Variation (%)
Companies with establishments in Catalonia 637,772 1.6
Industry 36,195 -2.1
Construction 76,123 -0.6
Services 525,454 2.2
Companies with head offices in Catalonia 629,876 1.6
Industry 35,339 -2.2
Construction 75,555 -0.7
Services 518,982 2.2
Establishments 723,362 1.8
Industry 42,512 -1.5
Construction 84,729 0.3
Services 596,121 2.2
Source: Idescat, based on the Central Company Directory (DIRCE) of INE.
Companies on 1 January. By activity sector Spain. 2020
Value Variation (%)
Companies 3,404,428 1.2
Industry 195,615 -1.7
Construction 420,118 -0.5
Services 2,788,695 1.7
Establishments 3,907,402 1.4
Industry 234,901 -1.1
Construction 457,526 -0.1
Services 3,214,975 1.8
Source: INE. Central Company Directory (DIRCE).

Methodological note

Company is the smallest combination of legal units constituting an organisational unit for the production of goods or services, one having certain autonomy in terms of decision-making, principally for allocating the resources it has at its disposal.

Establishment is a company (or part of a company) located in a specific geographical location at which economic activities are conducted on behalf of the company.

Until the 2018 reference year, the concept of the company was coterminous with the legal unit, but it changed from 2019 on. The new statistical concept of the company has to do with the company's organisational structure, autonomy of decision and market orientation. The legal units that do not form part of groups of companies continue to be considered companies in their own right.

The CCAE-09 has been used on the sectorial delimitation since 2008. In the period previous to year 2008 the CCAE-93 Rev.1 in the sectorial boundary has been used. That is the reason why the data of this period with those of the later one cannot be compared.

The data reference period is from the 1st of January of the corresponding year.

Said methodology is expanded in Companies and establishments.