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Personnel on R&D. By sex and occupation

Personnel on internal R&D in full-time equivalent (FTE). By sex and occupation Catalonia. 2018
Value Variation (%)
Total 51,830.4 6.8
Men 30,853.8 9.5
Women 20,976.6 2.9
Researchers 30,391.0 5.1
Men 18,772.2 7.2
Women 11,618.7 1.9
Technicians 16,173.2 11.5
Men 9,846.3 16.4
Women 6,327.0 4.6
Other supporting staff 5,266.2 2.9
Men 2,235.3 2.2
Women 3,030.9 3.4
Units: Persons in full-time equivalent.
Source: Idescat, based on data of the Research and Development Activities Statistics of INE.
Note: Personnel in FTE on internal R&D conducted in Catalonia by the units that have R&D activity, regardless of where their head office is located.
Personnel on internal R&D in full-time equivalent (FTE). By sex and occupation Spain. 2018
Value Variation (%)
Total 225,696.4 4.6
Men 135,330.5 4.6
Women 90,365.9 4.6
Researchers 140,120.1 5.2
Men 85,762.6 5.2
Women 54,357.5 5.2
Technicians 61,200.8 3.7
Men 37,176.1 3.9
Women 24,024.7 3.5
Other supporting staff 24,375.5 3.6
Men 12,391.8 2.8
Women 11,983.7 4.4
Units: Persons in full-time equivalent.
Source: INE. Research and Development Activities Statistics.

Last update: May 29, 2020.

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Methodological note

Data on the effort in Catalonia in research and technological development (R&D) come from the Statistics on activities in scientific research and technological development carried out by the INE annually. In order to facilitate comparability with other countries of the European Union, the methodology used in these statistics follows the guidelines of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), as set out in the Frascati Manual.

Scientific research and technological development include the set of creative and original works that are undertaken systematically and/or sporadically in order to increase the volume of knowledge, including knowledge of mankind, culture and society, as well as the use of this knowledge to conceive new applications.

The Statistic on activities in scientific Research and technological Development (R&D) is a census-based statistic in the sectors of Public Administration, higher education and private non-profit institutions, and a sample statistic in the companies sector.

In order to calculate the effort in R&D activities in Catalonia, the spending on R&D activities made within the surveyed unit (internal expenditure) and the personnel employed for this purpose in full-time equivalent employment (FTE) are measured. This information is provided by fields of operation.

Spending is presented in current euros and in percentage of GDP. In order to facilitate the comparability of this indicator we use the data of GDP of the Regional Accounting of Spain of the INE (for years 2002–2008 base 2000, for years 2009–2011 base 2008 and since 2012 base 2010).

The calculation of equivalent full-time personnel takes into account the personnel who work full time in R&D activities and the sum of fractions of time dedicated to R&D activities by part-time personnel. The information is provided by sex and is disaggregated into three professional categories: research, technical and other supporting staff personnel.