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Passengers for airports and type of flight

Airports. Movement of passengers Catalonia. 2022
Value Variation (%)
Total 43,827.7 126.3
Scheduled traffic 43,378.7 125.5
Unscheduled traffic 406.0 479.7
Other 43.0 -25.4
Barcelona-El Prat Josep Tarradellas 41,571.7 120.6
Scheduled traffic 41,404.0 120.5
Unscheduled traffic 145.7 157.1
Other 22.0 68.0
Girona-Costa Brava 1,313.0 319.7
Scheduled traffic 1,258.9 318.0
Unscheduled traffic 50.8 557.0
Other 3.2 -17.5
Lleida-Alguaire 33.0 -30.2
Scheduled traffic 16.1 65.8
Unscheduled traffic 1.9 111.6
Other 15.1 -58.9
Reus 909.9 474.8
Scheduled traffic 699.7 367.4
Unscheduled traffic 207.6 4,278.4
Other 2.6 -31.8
Units: Thousands of people.
Source: AENA. Air traffic statistics; Ministry of the Vice-presidency, Digital Policies and Territory. Aeroports de Catalunya.
Airports. Movement of passengers Spain. 2022
Value Variation (%)
Total 243,132.6 103.3
Scheduled traffic 234,015.1 101.5
Unscheduled traffic 8,859.0 170.8
Other 258.5 23.1
Units: Thousands of people.
Source: AENA. Air traffic statistics.

Last update: January 17, 2023.

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Methodological note

The movement of passengers at airports measures passengers transported on scheduled and unscheduled flights, and other types of traffic provided by national or foreign companies.

The transported passenger is the person who takes a specific flight. They are counted just once, regardless of whether they are catching one flight or they are at one of the stopovers of a flight.

Scheduled traffic is understood as a commercial air service with a fixed schedule which occurs regardless of the number of passengers who are flying on the plane.

Unscheduled traffic(or charter) is understood as a commercial air service carried out by means of remuneration where the operation is not reported as a regular service.

Other types of trafficinclude commercial traffic, which cannot be considered as regular or charter, and non-commercial traffic (include the operations related to the movement of military aircraft, of the State, private, and aerial work).

The Catalonia data includes the movement of passengers in the airports of Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat, Girona-Costa Brava, Reus and Lleida-Alguaire. Since the month of February 2015, the data on the Lleida-Alguaire airport has been provided by Airports of Catalonia.

From January 2016, data of passengers, aircrafts and goods are actualized from the Estadísticas de tráfico aéreo published by AENA. This source change involves the review of all published periods up to this date. This review allows for the addition of new information linked with the movements of other types of traffic.