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Price Competitiveness of Industry Index. By main markets

Price Competitiveness of Industry Index. By main markets Catalonia. 2nd quarter 2014
Current quarter Previous quarter Same quarter previous year
Total main markets 105.6 105.8 105.3
Prices component 100.6 100.5 101.2
Nominal component 105.0 105.3 104.0
Main markets of the Monetary Union 104.6 104.3 104.6
Prices component 104.6 104.3 104.6
Nominal component z z z
Main markets of the rest of Europe 101.6 102.2 102.9
Prices component 86.7 86.4 87.5
Nominal component 117.2 118.3 117.6
Main markets of the rest of the world 115.3 116.6 111.4
Prices component 101.9 102.6 104.2
Nominal component 113.2 113.7 106.9
Units: Base 1999 I quarter = 100.
Source: Idescat and Departament of the Vice-presidency and of the Economy and Finance, based on IMF, United Nations and OECD data.
- A rise in the index indicates a loss of competitiveness.
- See the methodology note for the countries which are in the different markets.
(z) Category not applicable.

Last update: November 27, 2014.

Statistics PCSI

Methodological note

The Index of Competitive Position in Prices is defined as the product of the euro exchange rate by an index of relative prices of the Catalan manufacturing industry (section C of theCCAE-09).

An increase in the index always occurs when the euro is globally appreciated and/or when relative prices increase more (decrease less) in Catalonia than in the rest of the world. Note that this measure of competitiveness does not contain any other competitiveness factor other than price, in particular not those that modify the quality of manufactured products.

The countries considered main markets in Catalonia are:

  • Main Monetary Union markets: Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands and Portugal.
  • Main markets of rest of Europe: Denmark, Poland, United Kingdom, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and Czech Republic.
  • Main markets of rest of world: Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, United States, India, Japan, Mexico and China.
  • Main markets total: all previous.

This indicator is considered to offer provisional data. If the international sources modify exchange rates or price indicators for previous periods, the competitiveness indicators are consequently modified.