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In work at-risk-of-poverty rate (01.41)

In work at-risk-of-poverty rate. By sex 2014
Catalonia Spain European Union-27
Men 10.5 12.9 10.0 (e) Estimated value
Women 13.1 12.1 9.2 (e) Estimated value
Total 11.7 12.5 9.6 (e) Estimated value
Units: Percentage.
(e) Estimated value.

Last update: September 23, 2020. Revised series on December 23, 2021.

Statistics ECV

Methodological note

The indicator measures the share of persons who are employed and have an equivalised disposable income below the risk-of-poverty threshold, which is set at 60 % of the median equivalised disposable income in Catalonia (after social transfers). For the purpose of this indicator, an individual is considered as being employed if he/she was employed for more than half of the reference year. The indicator is based on the EU-SILC (statistics on income, social inclusion and living conditions).