Gross domestic product

Gross domestic product 2017
Value Variation in volume (%)
Catalonia 234,651 3.4
Spain 1,163,662 (p) 3.1 (p)
Eurozone 11,165,452 2.3
European Union 15,324,267 2.4
Units: Millions of euros.
Source Catalonia: Idescat. Source Spain, eurozone and European Union: Eurostat.
(p) Provisional

Date published: March 15, 2018.

Methodological note

Gross domestic product (GDP) is a measure for the results of the economic activity. It is defined as the value of all goods and services produced minus the value of any goods or services used in their creation.

The calculation of the annual growth rate of the volume of the GDP allows comparisons of economic development to be made, both over time and between economies of different sizes, irrespective of changes in prices. Growth of GDP volume is calculated using data at previous year's prices.

From September 2014 onwards, the European Union is enforcing a new European system of accounts (ESA 2010), which details the methodology to be used in compiling estimates of the national accounts of all European Union member states.

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