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Air Pollution

Exposure to air pollution by particulate matter 2020
Catalonia Spain European Union-27
Particulates <10µm 21.0 .. ..
Particulates <2.5µm 12.8 .. ..
Units: µg/m3.
Source Catalonia: Ministry of Territory and Sustainability. Source Spain and European Union: Eurostat.
Note: In 2020, data from the measurement of particles smaller than 2.5 µm at the IES Goya station in Barcelona were insufficient and therefore have not been considered.
(..) Confidential data, low reliability or not available.

Last update: June 14, 2021.

Statistics ICA

Methodological note

The indicator measures the population weighted annual mean concentration of particulate matter at urban background stations in agglomerations. Fine and coarse particulates (PM10), i.e. particulates whose diameters are less than 10 micrometers, can be carried deep into the lungs where they can cause inflammation and exacerbate the condition of people suffering heart and lung diseases.

Fine particulates (PM2.5) are those whose diameters are less than 2.5 micrometers. They are therefore a subset of the PM10 particles. Their deleterious health impacts are more serious than PM10 as they can be drawn further into the lungs and may be more toxic.