Industrial New Orders Received Indices. 02/2018

The index of new orders for industry (IECI) for industrial products(base 2015=100), excluding energy, registered an inter-annual increase of 6.2% in Catalonia in February 2017. By large industrial sectors, all of them showed increases: the equipment goods sector (10.9%), the intermediate goods sector (7.1%) and consumption goods sector (1.7%). In this same period, the general IECI index increased by 5.6% compared with the previous year in Catalonia.

The Industrial New Orders Received Index is a short-term indicator used to measure the monthly dynamics of orders received by industrial companies. It is a value index, i.e. it measures the joint evolution of amounts, qualities and prices.

To obtain this indicator, the INE conducts an on-going monthly survey. For Catalonia, it researches some 2,300 companies operating in the industrial sector, which are used to obtain the general indice and large industrial sectors. Idescat calculates the non-energy industrial products index for Catalonia and Spain.

Basic data

Short-term economic indicators

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