Centenarian Population Estimate 1981-2016

Idescat is publishing the Centenarian Population Estimates for the first time. Data on the centenarian population, age by age, are provided up to 105 years of age, together with retrospective results for the centenarian population since 1981.

In Catalonia there were 1,875 centenarian people on 1 January 2016, a figure representing 251 centenarians per million inhabitants. By age, there were 715 people aged 100, 505 people aged 101, 275 people aged 102, 190 people aged 103, 95 people aged 104 and 95 people aged 105 years and over.

The centenarian population of Catalonia has doubled every 10 years, as a result of the increase in life expectancy and more and more generations reaching advanced ages. There were 180 centenarians in 1986, 420 in 1996, 865 in 2006 and 1,875 in 2016.

By sex, women (1,550) accounted for 83% of the centenarian population, while men (325) accounted for 17%. There were 4.8 centenarian women for every centenarian man. The centenarian population distribution by sex has remained very stable over time. The percentage of women in the centenarian population has stood at around 80% since 1991.

The purpose of the Centenarian Population Estimate is to provide accurate statistical estimates regarding the population aged 100 and over, broken down by sex and age up to the group aged 105 and over. The time references correspond to 1 January and 1 July each year and the geographical scope is Catalonia.

The centenarian population is calculated upon the basis of data on deaths in recent years and survival ratios. Each age of the centenarian population is calculated by observing the proportion of the number of survivors of a generation still alive with respect to the number of people in that generation who have died in recent years.

Each year Idescat publishes the centenarian population for the most recent year, but also retrospectively reviews the estimates made in previous years. These estimates for previous years become more accurate as more data on deaths become available. Therefore, the estimates for the centenarian population are not fixed over time and are reviewed every year.

The methodology for the Centenarian Population Estimates is different from that used to generate the Population Estimates, for which the population figures are taken from the population in the last census, natural movement and migratory movement (component method).

Centenarian Population Estimates

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