Labour Cost Statistics. Q2 2018

The labour cost per worker and month stood at 2,804.74 euros in Catalonia as of the second quarter of 2018, 1.1% higher than the same quarter in 2017. With regards to the specific sectors, the labour cost per worker and month in the ICT sector showed the highest figure and stood at 4,236.67 euros, followed by the culture sector where this figure stood at 3,407.42 euros and by tourism with 2,098.25 euros. Within the tourism sector, the highest labour costs was found in the transport sub-sector (3,559.55 euros), while in the culture sector, the audiovisual and advertising was the sub-sector with the highest labour cost (4,014.95 euros).

The wage cost per worker and month increased by 0.9% in Catalonia, totaling 2,124.89 euros. The wage cost in the ICT sector was 3,291.40 euros, and in the culture and tourism sectors 2,646.41 euros and 1,565.00 euros respectively.

Per effective hour, the labour cost was 20.74 euros, and the wage cost 15.71 euros. In the analysed specific sectors, ICT sector had the highest effective wage cost per hour (21.68 euros), followed by the cultural (18.81 euros) and tourism (12.72 euros) sectors.

There were 25,828 jobs vacancies, 86.9% of which were accounted for by the services sector.

The Quarterly Labour Cost Survey is a continuous sampling statistic performed by the INE. Its main objective is to determine the cost of the labour force, considering the mean labour cost per worker and month, per effective hour, per hours worked and hours not worked. Idescat processes the Quarterly Labour Cost Survey in detail in order to offer results for Catalonia.

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