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Contributors and affiliations to Social Security based on Contributors' Registered Place of Residence. 06/2018

The number of contributors to the Social Security in Catalonia increased by 3.5% in June 2018 with respect to the same period of the previous year, standing at 3,285,238 individuals.

Affiliates increased in all counties in comparison to the same month of the previous year and El Baix Penedès (4.6%), La Segarra (4.1%) and El Gironès (4.0%) were the counties with the highest growths compared to June 2017.

By sex, as of June 2018, 53.8% of those contributors were men and 46.2% were women. By age, 16.7% of contributors in Catalonia were under 30 years of age; those from 30 to 44 years of age made up 40.4%, those from 45 to 54 years of age, 26.6% and those aged 55 and over accounted for 16.3% of the total. The respective average year-over-year increases in contributors 55 years old and above and below 30 years of age (6.8% and 6.1%) are particularly noteworthy. Regarding nationality, 85.7% of contributors in Catalonia had Spanish nationality, while foreigners constituted 14.3% of the total; the year-on-year increase in foreign contributors (8.5%) was higher than that recorded by contributors of Spanish nationality (2.7%).

The number of affiliations in Catalonia on 30 June 2018 was 3,442,373, a figure 3.7% higher than in June 2017.

By sectors and in comparison with June a year before, the number of affiliations rose in the sectors construction (5.6%), services (3.8%) and industry (3.2%), while affiliations in agriculture decrease (−2.4%). Agriculture, industry and construction were highly male-dominated sectors (with respective male affiliation percentages of 81.7%, 70.0% and 88.1%), whereas women accounted for 53.2% of affiliations in services.

According to the type of employment relationship, the numbers of affiliations from paid employment (4.3%) and self-employment (0.7%) both saw increases. With regard to self-employment affiliations, 64.6% were men and 35.4% were women.

Idescat publishes the number of contributors and affiliations on a quarterly basis, according to the contributor’s registered place of residence and by municipalities, counties and Aran, areas of the Territorial Plan, provinces and Catalonia. The contributors are listed according to their main sociodemographic variables (sex, age and nationality) and the affiliations are disseminated by these sociodemographic variables and the type of employment relationship, contribution scheme and activity sector.

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