Industrial products survey. 2017

The value of the sales of industrial products in Catalonia stood at 94,957 million euros in 2017, a figure 8.6% higher than that for the previous year, according to provisional data from the Industrial products survey. The branches which account for most of the production sold are chemicals, with 23.7% of the total (13.5% more than in the previous year), food, with 22.1% of the total (a 7.5% increase), and transport materials, with 14.9% (a 3.2% increase). The data for 2016 have been updated and are now definitive rather than provisional.

The EIP is an annual statistical operation carried out by the INE, in collaboration with Idescat in the area of Catalonia, to obtain precise and reliable information on the value and quantity of a wide set of industrial products (some 4,000) covering most of the industrial sector.

The annual exploitation of the EIP by Idescat provides information to 10, 8 and 6 digits from the PRODCOM-EIP product list. It also offers tables showing the time series of the results for each product and incorporates a search to make it easier for user to find any products being investigated.

This section shows the results of the EIP from 2008, the first year that used the Catalan Classification of Economic Activities 2009 (CCAE-2009). The results for the years 1993 to 2007, which appear in the publication Estadística, producció i comptes de la indústria 2007, used the CCAE-93.

Basic data

Statistical Yearbook of Catalonia

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