Continuous Household Survey. 2014- 2017. Extended results

Idescat publishes extended results of the Continuous Household Survey related to the population and its characteristics, age, marital status, place of birth and nationality. New information is presented on the population living alone and living with a partner (married and common-law couples). Population tables according to the type of nucleus formed and the size of the household are also introduced.

The data published correspond to the 2014-2017 period for Catalonia and its provinces.

The Continuous Household Survey is a statistical operation that has been carried out by the INE since 2013. It provides information on an annual basis about basic demographic characteristics of the population, households and housing, similar to the Population and Housing Census, but with more aggregated information. Idescat provides the results of the two-year sample accumulated by Catalonia and its provinces, on the 1 January.

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