Foreign Trade according to Technological Content. Q3/2018

Catalonia exported industrial products valued at 15,828.6 million euros in the third quarter of 2018, a figure constituting a 1.9% year-over-year decrease. By technological levels, high technology level foreign sales were the only ones to rise in the third quarter (year-over-year 2.3%). Exports of medium-low technology products have dropped 6.1%, followed by medium-high level (−2.2%) and low technological content (−0.7%).

Imports of industrial products recorded a value of 19,172.4 million euros, a figure representing a year-over-year increase of 6.3%. All the technology levels underwent increases in purchases abroad, headed by medium-low level products (17.8%) and high level (12.2%), followed by medium-high level products (4.7%) and low level (0.8%).

The main goal of this statistics, which are drawn up by Idescat based on Foreign Trade files, is to present the trade flows of exports and imports of industrial products, which involve a high level of expenditure on R&D, between Catalonia and abroad. The source of information is the territorial operations file of the Customs and Special Taxes Department of the Tax Administration Agency. The file in question contains the most relevant information obtained from Single Administrative Document (SAD) and Intrastat declaration data.

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