Input-Output Framework for Catalonia. 2014

Idescat publishes the 2014 Input-Output Framework for Catalonia (MIOC-2014). This statistical operation is an update of the MIOC-2011, with 2014 as its reference date.

The Input-Output Framework is an internationally renowned statistical tool which permits a complete radiography of the economic reality of a country, measuring the economic relations between all the sectors of the economy in great detail. In the case of Catalonia, the MIOC-2014 makes detailed estimates of 64 branches of activity and incorporates those for the GDP in terms of supply, demand and income. It also provides information on the commercial flows with the rest of Spain and allows the calculation of economic impacts.

The macromagnitudes resulting from the MIOC-2014 will be included in the annual economic accounts of the Catalan economy, which Idescat intends to disseminate on 20 March 2019. The macroeconomic data for 2014 will become definitive estimates in this update.

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