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Death Statistics. 2017

Idescat has published the definitive data of the Death Statistics for 2017. That year, 66,165 deaths were recorded in Catalonia. Compared with 2016, deaths had increased 4.54%.

The Death Statistic provide annual information on the deaths of people residing in Catalonia, according to demographic and social characteristics. The data is territorially disaggregated by municipality, county, area of the Territorial Plan and province.

The original source of the data is the unified Medical Death Certificate/Death Statistics Bulletin document by means of which the death is recorded in the Civil Registry.

Until 2011, the data presented refers to the deaths registered in Catalonia of people residing in Catalonia. As of 2012, the data refers to the deaths of people residing in Catalonia, both if they occurred in Catalonia (and have, therefore, been registered in Catalonia) and if they occurred in other autonomous communities (and have, therefore, been registered in other autonomous communities).

The Death Statistics, together with the statistics on births and marriages, form part of the Natural Population Movement Statistics which Idescat produces in collaboration with the National Institute for Statistics and the Ministry of Health.