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Compliance of the 2018 Annual Programme for Statistical Action (PAAE 2018)

It is now possible to view the compliance of the statistical actions corresponding to the PAAE 2018 on the Idescat website.

Idescat has completed the work related to the compliance of the statistical actions of the PAAE 2018, which is published in the section of the website titled "Annual programmes for statistical action" in order to guarantee the transparency and accessibility of official information.

For each statistical action this section incorporates information on the following aspects:

  • The action's degree of compliance
  • The information available
  • The time period for the data
  • The territorial disaggregation of the published data
  • The links to the published statistics results
  • The reasons for non-compliance

One of Idescat's functions is to monitor, supervise and approve the execution of the PAAE (article 2.s of Decree 24/2014 of 25 February on Idescat's organization and operations). It is also responsible for drawing up a report on the degree of compliance of the PAAE (and, as appropriate, any causes of non-compliance), which the Government must submit to the Catalan Parliament (article 13 of Law 5/2016 of 23 December on the 2017-2020 Statistical Plan for Catalonia amending Law 23/1998 on statistics in Catalonia).