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Statistics on Household Consumer Expenditures. 2018

The average annual consumer expenditure of Catalan households totalled 32,586 euros per household in 2018, an increase of 3.1% in comparison with the previous year. The expenditure of Catalan households totalled 98,871 million euros.

The average expenditure of Catalan households on essential goods stood at 17,949 euros, a figure 5.0% greater than that for the previous year, while the average expenditure on non-essential goods increased by 0.8% and stood at 14,637 euros per household.

The expenditure related to housing (including supplies) remained the chief component of household expenditure. In 2018 it accounted for 32.1% of the total expenditure, a percentage 1.6 points higher than that recorded in the previous year. This increase can be explained by the fact that the expenditure related to housing rose by 8.4% in 2018: Catalan households devoted an average of 10,458 euros to the above.