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Statistics on Innovation in Companies. Basic tables. 2017

The number of companies with ten or more employees based in Catalonia that conducted technological innovation activities in 2017 totalled 3,406, while the expenditure on innovative activities amounted to 3,587.0 million euros, a figure 11.8% above that recorded in the previous year. If the expenditure on technological innovation performed by all companies in Catalonia is counted, regardless of the locations of their head offices, the amount totalled 3,766.4 million euros, a figure 11.9% higher than the one registered in 2016.

By type of innovative activity, 48.8% of the expenditure in Catalonia corresponded to in-house R&D activities, 20.3% to the acquisition of R&D (external R&D), 19.0% to purchases of machinery and equipment designed for new and improved products and processes, while the rest was assigned to other technological innovation activities.

With regard to technological innovation intensity, the percentage of turnover accounted for by expenditure on technological innovation activities stood at 2.11% in innovative companies with 10 or more employees based in Catalonia.

In the 2015-2017 period, 4,092 companies with ten or more employees based in Catalonia performed technological innovation, a figure accounting for 14.3% of the total. In the same period, 26.6% (7,609 companies) performed non-technological (organizational or marketing) innovations.

The primary source of information is the Innovation in Companies Survey, conducted on an annual basis by the INE in cooperation with Idescat in Catalonia (in accordance with the agreement signed by the two institutes). In 2017, for budgetary management reasons beyond the INE’s control, the survey sample was considerably smaller than usual. This means that some indicators do not have the quality required to be published, as the number of associated sampling errors is very high. For this reason, only some basic indicators in the Basic tables section are published for 2017.