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Industrial Production Index. 12/2019 and 2019. Provisional data

The Industrial Production Index (IPI) adjusted by working days fell by 2.6% for the year-over-year variation in Catalonia in December 2019. As far as large industrial sectors were concerned, all sectors decreased except equipment goods, which increased a 0.4%. The decreases were observed in intermediate goods (6.2%), consumer goods (2.1%) and energy (0.2%).

In 2019, the annual average of the Industrial Production Index dropped by 1.3%, according to provisional data. By large industrial sectors, registred decreases intermediate goods (−3.5%), consumer goods (−1,6%) and equipment goods (−0,2%), while energy increased a 3.3%. The sections of the CCAE-2009 showing the strongest decreases were paper, graphic arts and recorded media industries (−9.6%) and textile, clothing, leather and footwear industries (−4.2%).