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Publication of the 2019 Idescat Annual Report

Idescat publishes its 2019 Annual Report, with detailed information on its activity throughout the year.

Among the various statistical actions carried out with regard to 2019, we would highlight the production and dissemination of the data from the Survey on Language Uses of the Population, the Population Projections, the Living Conditions Survey and the work to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals in the official statistics. These actions are essential for the analysis of issues of great importance for Catalan society such as climate change, gender equality, the level of poverty and the degree of knowledge and use of the Catalan language.

The 2019 Annual Report, still pending final approval from the Governing Board of Idescat, is divided into eleven chapters: Institutional Activity; Statistical Planning; Statistics on Population and Territory; Statistics on the Economy and Society; Statistics on Business and Labour; Statistical Standardization Activities; Statistical Dissemination Services; Promoting statistics; Research and Development; Technical Services, and Resources and Organisation.

Annual Report 2019 (pending final approval)