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Statistical information to track the impact of COVID-19 in Catalonia

Idescat disseminates statistical information regarding the COVID-19 crisis to show its impact on the population, economy and society of Catalonia.

The statistical information related to COVID-19 is presented in two large sections: the Short-term indicators, which display the most recent information on economic and social activity on a monthly or quarterly basis, and the Topics section, which displays the most significant statistics by the following thematic areas: Health; Population; Living conditions; Household income and expenditure; Social protection; Main aggregates; Companies. Finances; Foreign investment and trade; Prices; Research. Technology; Trade. Services; Construction; Industry. Energy; Tourism and Labour.

The aim of this information is to provide the general public, companies, the Government and administration agencies with a selection of the most significant data that will enable them to assess the impact of COVID-19 and help to track it. Thus, Idescat works to expand this information and keep it updated to obtain the most accurate view of the situation of the current crisis in Catalonia.