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Indicators of Service Sector Activity. Turnover Index. 05/2020

The Turnover Index for the service sector (IASSVN) decreased by 34.3% year-over-year rate in Catalonia in May 2020. By activity sectors, dropped trade (−29.3%) and other services, this is to say, all except trade (−42.6%). Within these other services, all sectors showed a fall; the highest decrease was registered by hostelry (−85.6%).

In May 2020, in accordance with the Plan for the transition to the “new normal”, retail premises and establishments that weren't able to conduct their activity during the state of alarm implemented by virtue of Royal Decree 463/2020 of 14th Marc, began to reopen and adapt their capacities. Hotels and tourist establishments, as well as food service activities, have also been able to open to the public with certain restrictions. The above and the fact that the information was collected in June (when the de-escalation phases progressively unfolded until the end of the state of alarm on the 21st) did not significantly alter the response rate in comparison with a normal month. It has therefore been decided that the data estimates can be published.