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Fieldwork on the Business climate survey Q3/2020

The fieldwork on the Business Climate Survey corresponding to the third quarter of 2020 is underway. The fieldwork will start on 16 September and will finish on 5 October.

The Business Climate Survey is a quarterly official statistical operation forming part of the 2020 Annual Statistical Action Programme, as regulated by the Law on the Statistical Plan for Catalonia 2017–2020. These statistics are governed by a collaboration agreement between Idescat and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.

The main objective of the Business Climate Survey is to quickly find out about the situation and evolution of establishments with activity in Catalonia and, on the basis of this information, foresee possible changes of tendency in the economic cycle. The operation collects data from five different activity sectors, for each of which a specific questionnaire has been designed: industry, construction, trade, hostelry and other services.

Field work on the Business climate survey Q3/2020