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Business Climate Survey. Section on the Current Entrepreneurial Situation. Q3/2021

32.2% of business establishments in Catalonia stated that they had been affected by the Covid-19 health crisis in the third quarter of 2021, 10.5 percentage points less than in the previous quarter. Accommodation and food service activities remains the sector with the highest proportion of establishments reporting being affected by the pandemic (61.2%), although this was almost 30 points lower than in the previous quarter. Those sectors least affected were construction (18.4%) and industry (26.4%).

Since the state of emergency was declared, 46.4% of business establishments have temporarily laid off staff with suspension of employment, known in Spain as an ERTO. This percentage rises to 84.0% in the case of accommodation and food service activities and 50.9% in the case of construction, with industry having the lowest percentage (40.4%).

However, 88.2% of employees under an ERTO have already returned to work, while 5.5% remain in ERTO and 6.3% correspond to other situations. By sector, trade has the highest proportion of reinstated workers (92.0%) and accommodation and food service activities the lowest (84.2%).

The main impacts that Covid-19 has had on affected establishments in the third quarter have been: an increase in the complexity of health protection and hygiene processes (67.6%); a decrease in turnover (55.0%); an impact on employment (49.6%); suspension of certain activities, such as those with the highest risk of contagion (43.6%) and difficulty in obtaining supplies (37.8%).

With regard to the difficulty in obtaining supplies, it constitutes the negative impact with the highest increase, rising from 31.9% in the second quarter to 37.8% in the third quarter.

As for the forecast for recovering the usual level of turnover among establishments that have seen a reduction, 3.3% have already recovered it (compared to 1.7% in the second quarter) and 32.9% believe that they will recover it in a year or less (compared to 39.6% in the second quarter).

In the third quarter of 2021, the module on the Current Entrepreneurial Situation focused on Covid-19's impact on business activity, the forecast for recovering the usual level of turnover and the establishments that have applied ERTOs to their staff.