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Advance Release Calendar 2022

The calendar for the release of the results of Idescat's statistical production for the year 2022 is now available.

The calendar publishes the scheduled dates for the release of short-term and structural statistical results. In the case of short-term statistical results (released more than once a year), the specific release date is given. In the case of structural statistical results (annual), the scheduled month of publication is given and the specific date is announced on the last working day of the month prior to release.

In order to improve the forecast, the Idescat home page will show the schedule for the results to be released over the next two working days. This calendar can be exported in iCalendar format and an Application Programming Interface (API) is also available for developers.

The calendar is a quality instrument contained in principle 13 on Timeliness and Punctuality in the release of statistical data of the European Statistics Code of Practice, and contains a total of 85 statistical operations, which produce 296 updates of statistical results.

Advance Release Calendar