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Contributors and Affiliations to Social Security based on Contributors' Registered Place of Residence. 12/2021. Provisional data

The number of affiliations to Social Security in Catalonia, in December 2021, stood at 3,338,818 people, according to provisional data. This value represents an increase of 124,184 affiliations compared to a year ago and of 61,253 affiliations in relation to December 2019, before the pandemic.

In relation to December 2019, the number of affiliations increased in all counties, except in La Ribera d'Ebre and El Barcelonès, where it decreased by 1.2% and 0.1%, respectively. The highest relative increases were those of La Cerdanya (7.2%), El Moianès (6.4%) and El Baix Penedès (5.6%).

In relation to a year ago, the highest increases occurred in Aran (12.2%), La Cerdanya (8.0%) and La Selva (6.3%). With respect to the 3 most populated counties of Catalonia, which group more than half of the affiliations of Catalonia, they once again registered interannual increases lower than the Catalan average (3.9%) El Barcelonès (3.5%), El Baix Llobregat (3.0%) and El Vallès Occidental (2.8%).

In relation to the month of November, the number of affiliations decreased by 0.4% in Catalonia as a whole. Only 5 counties and Aran increased the number of affiliations, led by Aran (12.6%) and L’Alta Ribagorça (4.9%). On the other hand, among the 36 counties where the number of affiliations decreased, the highest relative variation was that of La Ribera d'Ebre (−1.8%).

By sex, the number of women affiliated to Social Security in December represented 47.0% of the total affiliations and that of men 53.0% in Catalonia as a whole. La Segarra and La Noguera were the counties with the highest presence of men among the affiliated population (58.0% and 57.8%, respectively).

By age groups and in relation to a year ago, the increase in the relative weight in the total of affiliations of the youngest group (under 30 years old) stands out, from 15.3% in December 2020 to 16.3%; on the other hand, affiliations aged 30 to 44 years decreased from 37.7% to 36.4%. This increase in the weight of the youngest members and the decrease in those between 30 and 44 years old has been transferred to all the counties and Aran.

According to nationality, the weight of the foreign population has increased in relation to a year ago (0.8 percentage points) and it has done so in all the counties and Aran. The services sector, which represents 78.7% of affiliations, increased 4.3% in December 2021 in relation to the previous year and is the only one that did so in all counties. Affiliations in the construction sector increased 3.5% and industry 1.9%. Agriculture is the only sector where the number of affiliations decreased, by 0.2% year-over-year.

By type of working day, 22.0% of affiliations employed by others were part-time. The highest proportion of part-time affiliations was registered in La Cerdanya (26.7%) and in El Priorat (25.5%).

According to the type of contract, 25.2% of the affiliations in the Social Security employed in Catalonia were temporary. The counties with a higher degree of temporary employment were L’Alta Ribagorça (36.9%) and El Pallar.