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Definition of concepts

Industrial investment
Investment is considered to be the value of net acquisitions of both material and immaterial property (purchases minus sales), and also work done by companies in relation to their property. Does not include amortisable expenditure or financial investments.

Methodological aspects

The Survey of Industrial Investment is a statistical operation on a six-monthly basis that follows the common methodology used in surveys of the different countries in the European Union. Its main aim is to give information about the most recent evolution of the industrial investment in Catalonia and to anticipate the investment behaviour of industry and its sectors.

The value of net acquisitions of fixed assets (purchases minus sales), tangible and intangible, and works done by companies for their fixed assets are considered to be an investment. However, deferred charges and financial investments are not considered to be an investment.

Questionnaires are sent twice a year (spring and autumn) to the two thousand industrial companies that are part of the sample. They are asked about quantitative data regarding the performed and foreseen investments and about qualitative information regarding to their aim and factors that limit or stimulate them.

Data have the following timeframe:

Spring survey

  • quantitative data: current year (provisional data) and previous year (final data).
  • qualitative data: current year (provisional data).

Autumn survey:

  • quantitative data: current year (provisional data) and forecast (next year).
  • qualitative data: current year (final data) and forecast (next year).

Industrial activities follow C, D and E sections of the Catalan Classification of Economic Activities (CCAE-93) with the following disaggregation:

  • Energy and water industry (CCAE: 10; 11; 12; 23; 40; 41)
  • Intermediate goods industries (CCAE: 13; 14; 15.6-7; 17.1-3; 20; 21; 24.1-3, 6-7; 25; 26; 27; 28.4-7; 31.2-6; 32.1; 37)
  • Automotive industry (CCAE: 34)
  • Capital goods industries (CCAE: 28.1-3; 29.1-6; 30; 31.1; 32.2; 33.1-3; 35.1-3)
  • Consumer durables industries (CCAE: 29.7; 32.3; 33.4-5; 35.4-5; 36.1-3)
  • Manufacturing industry of food, drinks and tobacco (CCAE: 15.1-5, 8-9; 16)
  • Consumer non-durables industries (CCAE: 17.4-7; 18; 19; 22; 24.4-5; 36.4-6)

The sector of the energy and water industry is an added sector in the case of Catalonia, but it is not studied in surveys made in Spain and in the other European Union countries.

Unavailable information is represented using the symbol ":". When the value is lower than that of the minimum unit to be able to estimate the statistical operation or if it effects statistical confidentiality, the symbol used is "..".