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Definition of concepts

Consumption of primary energy
Aggregation of local production with the balance of import/export of energy, considering inventory variations and bunkers.
Production of primary energy
Local production of different types of energy.
Import/export balance of energy
Difference between the gross consumption of primary source energy or equivalents plus the inventory variation and bunkers, and the local production of primary energy.
Tonne of oil equivalent (toe)
Unit of energy equivalent to 107 kilocalories. This unit is normally used in energy balances to express the real energy content of different sources of energy in relation with a standard unit of gross oil, which has an inferior calorific power (PCI) than 107 kilocalories per tonne.
Transformation of energy
Quantity of energy consumed in the transformation process of the energy sector.

Methodological aspects

The Catalan Institute for Energy (ICAEN) is the body of the Government of Catalonia responsible for developing and implementing the Catalan energy policy, especially in the field of energy saving and efficiency and the development of renewable energies.

The ICAEN acts in many areas of the world of energy and, among other functions, produces the energy statistics for Catalonia.

Unavailable information is represented using the symbol ":". When the value is lower than that of the minimum unit to be able to estimate the statistical operation or if it effects statistical confidentiality, the symbol used is "..".