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Fair and exhibitions. Provinces

Exhibitions and fairs. 2020 Provinces
Days Periodicity Exhibitors Visitors First year Theme
Barcelona Wine Week 3 biennial (pairs) 190 13,956 192,020 Food, wines
Biz Barcelona. Saló Emprenedor (1) 3 annual 28 7,112 192,010 Entrepreneurs, Companies
Saló de l'Ocupació (1) 3 annual 129 7,112 192,018 Training and work
Advanced Factories 3 annual 301 17,305 192,017 Industry, industrial technology
Saló de la Immersió 3 annual 122 15,000 192,000 Diving
Expoclàssic 1 annual 35 1,500 191,996 Automobiles
Source: Ministry of Business and Knowledge.
(1) Biz Barcelona. Saló de l'Emprenedor and the Saló de l'Ocupació share visitors: 7,112 on-site visitors. Non-repeated on-site and online visitors: 11,933.
Note: The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected the trade fair world in general and the larger fairs in particular, at times directly, due to the express prohibition of trade fair activities, and other times indirectly, with mobility limitations preventing visitor attendance, especially for those coming from abroad. However, some trade fair organisers have held exclusively online activities. These activities are very different in nature (a few have had some exhibitor involvement, while others have only held conferences) and cannot be considered trade fairs according to the definition in Article 40.1.b) of Law 18/2017, of 1 August, on trade, services and fairs.
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