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Foreign tourists. By reason for travelling

Foreign tourists. 2016-2019 By reason for travelling
2016 2017 2018 2019 (p)
Foreign tourists 18,139.2 19,118.4 19,196.3 19,358.2
Leisure and vacations 14,885.8 16,092.9 16,382.3 16,529.3
Personal (relatives, health and shopping) : : : :
Professional reasons 1,682.6 1,524.1 1,361.9 1,610.4
Others 1,570.7 1,501.4 1,452.1 1,218.4
Source: Idescat, based on data of the INE's Tourist Movement on Borders Survey and Tourist Expenditure Survey.
- Up until the third quarter of 2015, the Spanish Institute of Tourism was in charge of producing the Survey of Tourist Movement on Borders (Frontur) and the Survey of Tourist Expenditure (Egatur). Starting in the last quarter of 2015, the body in charge of said operations is the INE. Said shift of responsibilities also entailed a change in the design and methodology of the surveys, which means the data will not be entirely comparable to previous series.
- A partir del 2016 les dades de motiu del viatge personal (familiar, salut i compres), estan incloses a altres.
- It considers information of trips of foreign tourists whose main destination is Catalonia.
(p) Provisional data.
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