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Infant education. School units and pupils. By ownership of centre and sex. Counties and Aran, areas and provinces. Methodology

    Definition of concepts

    Infant education
    Etapa educativa preobligatòria que s'imparteix als infants de 0 a 6 anys. S'organitza en dos cicles de tres cursos: primer cicle o primera infància (de 0 a 3 anys) i segon cicle o primer ensenyament (de 3 a 6 anys). Poden impartir el primer cicle d'educació infantil els centres creats o autoritzats per l'Administració educativa. Els centres que únicament imparteixen el primer cicle d'educació infantil tenen la denominació genèrica de llar d'infants o escola bressol.

    Methodological aspects

    The data on infant, primary and secondary education is taken from an exploitation of the data provided by the Generalitat de Catalunya's Ministry of Education or teaching centres at all education levels. The public sector includes data for the centres that depend on the Ministry of Education and other public administrations, while the private sector deals with privately owned centres.

    In 1990 the Law for general ordering of the education system (LOGSE) was passed, which modifies the previous education system (LGE) of 1970. In the 1991/92 academic year the teaching approved by the new law was gradually introduced and the 2000/01 academic year was the first in which none of the teaching relating to the previous education system was still in existence.

    However, the two education models coexisted over the long period of experimentation and implantation of the new education law.

    The data on centres and teaching staff is given, on the one hand, for infant and primary education as a whole, and on the other, for secondary education, although it is often the case that centres and teachers overlap in terms of the different levels given.

    Data are provisional.

    Unavailable information is represented using the symbol ":". When the value is lower than that of the minimum unit to be able to estimate the statistical operation or if it effects statistical confidentiality, the symbol used is "..".