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Definition of concepts

Passive smoker
Person who does not smoke tobacco, but who breathes it in.
Person who regularly or occasionally smokes tobacco. The consequences depend on several factors, such as the number of cigarettes smoked, how deeply the smoke is breathed in, how long it is held in the lungs and how many years the person has smoked, etc.
Smoking addiction
This is a drug dependency owing to behavioural, psychological, social and pharmacological factors. It leads to repeated tobacco consumption with serious health consequences.

Methodological aspects

As for data on the consumption of tobacco, managed by the Department of Health, until 2006 the data is taken from the Health Survey conducted every four years. From 2011, the data is taken from a continuous survey conducted each year.

Unavailable information is represented using the symbol ":". When the value is lower than that of the minimum unit to be able to estimate the statistical operation or if it effects statistical confidentiality, the symbol used is "..".