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Definition of concepts

Hospital pharmacy
Pharmacy service within a general hospital, whether public or private.
Private health establishment of public interest where the managing pharmacist (owner of the establishment, aided, if necessary, by assistants and auxiliaries) must provide the population with a series of basic services. The purpose of a pharmacy is to promote health through the rational use of medications, and its inherent and primordial function is to provide medications.

Methodological aspects

Health establishments require authorisation from the Ministry of Healtht, which is granted by resolution of the Ministry's director general of Regulation, Planning and Health Resources.

Pharmacies must ensure that certain compulsory safety measures are observed. Therefore, before opening or relocating such an establishment, authorisation must be requested. Likewise, when making reformations to essential or compulsory elements of the pharmacy, these must be reported and authorisation for the same must be requested.

Unavailable information is represented using the symbol ":". When the value is lower than that of the minimum unit to be able to estimate the statistical operation or if it effects statistical confidentiality, the symbol used is "..".