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Definition of concepts

Administrative law courts
These are single-persons bodies, whose territorial scope is that of the province. Their headquarters are in the capital of the province. At first or second instance they hear contentious administrative appeals against the acts and dispositions of the Public Administration as determined by law.
Determination made by judges or courts that can be in the form of an act, provision or sentence.
Declaration of judgement and resolution by the judge.

Methodological aspects

The presentation of the tables follows the typology of different areas of law within the Catalan and State judicial systems on December 31st:

  • penal
  • civil
  • administrative contentious
  • constitutional
  • social
  • family
  • youth

The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia, constituted in 1989, is the highest judicial authority in the Catalan territory and has the ultimate word on all legal procedures, notwithstanding the authority corresponding to the Supreme Court.

The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has three courtrooms: the civil and penal, the administrative contention and the social courtroom. The administrative contention courtroom is divided into five sections.

The Chamber for Contentious Administrative Procedings is the regulatory agency for public administrations in Catalonia. It assumes as sole instance the contentious action against the acts of the Administration that law does not assign to any other organism in this jurisdiction. It assumes the actions concerning acts of the local and regional entities, the appeals against resolutions of the contentios courts, the matters of jurisdiction between these courts and the further appeals to unify theory or in favour of law. It is composed by a president and twenty-five magistrates in active service, divided in five sections.

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