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Definition of concepts

Constitutional conflict
Set of procedures initiated by an Administration against the dispositions or actions of another.
Failure to reach verdict
Act whereby the party that exercises a judicial action withdraws or expresses a wish not to continue any further with its pretensions.
Judicial appeal
Act expressed before the corresponding judicial instance and that manifests a disagreement with a resolution or sentence.
Verbal or written instigation, by a public authority, for a person to execute or abstain from executing a certain act.
Declaration of judgement and resolution by the judge.
The Spanish Constitutional Court
The Spanish Constitutional Court consists of twelve members, who act as Constitutional Court Judges.
The King of Spain appoints them by Royal Decree.
Following a proposal made by the upper and lower House, (four members designated by the Congress and four by the Senate), two by the Government and two by the General Council of the Judiciary.
Their appointment is for a period of nine years. All Spanish citizens who are Judges or State Prosecutors, University Professors, Civil Servants or Lawyers, with an acknowledged reputation in the field of law and more than fifteen years' professional experience may qualify for this office.

Methodological aspects

The Constitutional Court is the suprem interpreter of the Constitution. It is unique in its ordre and it has jurisdiction in all Spain, it executes the jurisdictions defined in article 161 of the Constitution. The Constitutional Court is independent with respect to the other constitucional units and it si submited only to the Constitution ant to its organic law.

The jurisdiction system that the Constitutional Court hast at the moment is:

  • Constitutionality check of legislative decrees, from the State or from de autonomous communities.
  • Action for infringement of rights and freedoms included in article 53.2 of the Constitution.
  • Constitutional conflicts between the State and one or more autonomous communities, or between one or more autonomous communities, or between constitutional units of the State.
  • Conflict to protect the local autonomy.
  • Prior constitutionality check of international agreements.
  • Cancellations to protect the jurisdiction of the Court.

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