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PHRE Register of Inhabitants Residing Abroad

The Register of Inhabitants Residing Abroad is an administrative register of persons of Spanish nationality (regardless of whether it is their only nationality) who regularly live abroad and whose last registered place of residence in Spain was in Catalonia.

Territorially speaking, it provides information at municipal and county levels, as well as for the areas of the Territorial Plan, provinces and Catalonia as a whole.

The data is obtained from the information sent by consular offices and sections to the INE through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. Idescat statistically processes the file relating to Catalonia, providing information by sex, age, place of birth, place of registration and continent or country of residence as of 1 January of each year. It also publishes information on new registrations (the additions which occur during the year prior to the year of reference).

Geographical area: Catalonia

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