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Corrections. According to [Corr. date]↑

The register of corrections is the list of unforeseen modifications of the statistical results that have been published on the website. This is an Idescat service that seeks to make it easier for users to view the corrections.

Idescat produces and publishes thousands of statistical data every year in the hope that they constitute high-quality, accurate and reliable information. However, as in all human activities, it is inevitable that on occasions unanticipated modifications of the data will occur. In this case, the institution undertakes to rectify them and inform users as soon as possible by means of this register of corrections.

Code Statistics Information affected Topic Pub. date Corr. date ascending
EUT Use of time. 2002-2003 Living conditions 27/07/2009 08/01/2010
TICL Use of ICT by children aged 10 to 15 years. 2009 Research · Technology 28/12/2009 21/01/2010
ENL Generalitat de Catalunya payments to the non-profit making sector. 2007 Public sector finance 30/09/2008 25/01/2010
EPA Employed population. 2004-2008 Labour 18/06/2009 04/02/2010
PMH Altitude and surface 2009. 2009 Population figures 16/02/2010 26/02/2010
PENP Plan for Spaces of Natural Interest. 2008 Environment 18/06/2009 03/03/2010
MATR Registered vehicles (provisional data). 2009 Transport 13/01/2010 04/03/2010
REPFOR Reforestation of Berguedà. 2005-2009 Environment 02/11/2009 08/03/2010
NEGCO Salaries agreed in collective agreements. 2011 Labour 21/07/2009 10/03/2010
CLI Individual conciliations resolved. 2009 Labour 23/03/2010 31/03/2010
SIS Seismology in la Selva. 2005 Territory 18/06/2009 12/04/2010
SUPOCU Social courts. 2003-2007 Labour 18/06/2009 15/04/2010
SCI Local police. 2009 Justice · Public order and safety 07/04/2010 20/04/2010
TURESP Travel to Catalonia. 2005-2009. 2005-2009 Tourism 18/06/2009 23/04/2010
TURDES Travel to Catalonia.Tourist expenditure. 2005-2009 Tourism 08/10/2009 23/04/2010
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The letter m that sometimes accompanies the code of a correction indicates that it is an improvement in the data.