Balance of the public administration sector with respect to GDP. 2016M 

           2014           2015           2016
Catalonia   -2.7   -2.9-0.9
Spain   -6.0   -5.1-4.5
Eurozone   -2.6   -2.1-1.5
European Union   -3.0   -2.4-1.7
Units: % of the GDP.

Source Catalonia: Departament of the Vice-presidency and of the Economy and Finance. Source Spain, eurozone and European Union: Eurostat.


  • The data for Catalonia corresponds to the public administration sector of the Generalitat and that for Spain integrates the result for all Spanish public administrations (Central Administration, Social Security Administrations, Autonomous Communities and Local Corporations).
  • Since 2014, the data for Catalonia are compiled according to the new European System of National and Regional Accounts (ESA 2010). Data for previous years were compiled according to ESA 95.

Date published:

Last period (2016): June 22, 2017.

Further information at:

 Economy and finance. Eurostat.

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