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The monitoring short-term GDP of Catalonia was made using two statistics: quarterly accounting of Catalonia (an approximation of supply and demand of GDP) and GDP growth posted in Nota de conjuntura. The quarterly accounting provides more complete and reliable information, but has a delay (t+90) higher than GDP growth (t+30).

Issue 87 of the journal Nota d'economia presents a monograph on the Input-Output Tables for Catalonia and its main applications for analysing the Catalan economy.

Every year the INE generates the regional accounting for Spain (abbreviated CRE), which includes the GDP and other main aggregates for the Catalan economy. However, these estimates do not dovetail with those generated by Idescat because the INE uses a different methodology. The INE's results can be regarded as complementary to Idescat's, and their usefulness depends on users' goals.

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