Quarterly Accounts

The quarterly gross domestic product (GDP) of the Catalan economy is a statistical product whose main objective is to present the total production activity of the territory's financial organisms from a time perspective.

GDP can be assessed from the standpoint of supply and demand. From a supply point of view, the GDP enables evaluation of the contribution of the different productive branches (agriculture, industry, construction and services) to the economy as a whole. In the case of services, the information is detailed in three groups of branches:

  1. Trade, transport and hostelry
  2. Real estate, professional and other activities
  3. Public administration, education, health and social services

From a demand point of view, the GDP analyses the final use of goods and services produced in the Catalan economy, depending on whether they are aimed at final consumption, investment or foreign trade.

Idescat produces quarterly data on Catalonia's GDP from the standpoint of supply and demand and disseminates the results at current prices, in indexes by volume, and the corresponding quarterly and annual variations.

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