Population figures

Basic data

Key indicators
Key indicators Period Value
Population20160.3 %
Annual variation on 1 January
Population from 80 years and over20161.8 %
Annual variation on 1 January
Population resident abroad20177.7 %
Annual variation on 1 January
Demographics and quality of life indicators
Structural information on the main indicators for Catalonia and their comparison with Spain.
European Union Indicators
Catalonia compared to Europe via the Eurostat indicators.
Territorial and demographic indicators
Structural information of the key indicators describing the development of Catalonia over time and by territories.
The municipality in figures
Selection of basic data about each of the municipalities and counties of Catalonia.
Statistical Yearbook of Catalonia
Synthesis information on the basic statistics for Catalonia.

Related information

The explanatory note Which population figures does Idescat publish? contains a summary of each of the sources and explains the relationship among them.

The information concerning foreign population is detailed in the Foreign population section.

The information concerning seasonal population is detailed in the Commuting and seasonal population section.

Complete information concerning the structure of the population is detailed in the Censuses and demographic surveys section.