Living conditions

Basic data

Key indicators
Key indicators Period Value
Annual income2016€12,660
Average annual net income per person
Gini's Index201631.4
Degree of inequality in income from 0 to 100
People at risk of poverty201619.2 %
Population below the poverty threshold
Used time to paid work201134.2 %
Population who devotes daily time over the total
Demographics and quality of life indicators
Structural information on the main indicators for Catalonia and their comparison with Spain.
European Union Indicators
Catalonia compared to Europe via the Eurostat indicators.
Territorial social indicators
Structural information of the key indicators describing the development of Catalonia over time and by territories.
Statistical Yearbook of Catalonia
Synthesis information on the basic statistics for Catalonia.

Related information

The explanatory note What income and poverty data Idescat published? provides an overview of each of the existing sources and explains its scope and the relationship between them.

Idescat has also published the document entitled Comptes satèl·lit de producció domèstica 2001. These accounts are part of the satellite accounting falling within the Input-Output Tables for Catalonia 2001 (TIOC-2001). The sources needed to develop these accounts are the TIOC-2001, the Survey on Time Use and the Survey on Salary Structure.

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