Inequality of income distribution. 2016M 

           2014           2015           2016
Catalonia   6.5   6.05.5
Spain   6.8   6.96.6
Eurozone   5.2   5.25.2
European Union   5.2   5.25.2
Units: Income inequality among the highest and lowest quintiles.

Source Catalonia: Idescat. Source Spain, eurozone and European Union: Eurostat.

Date published:

Last period (2016): May 25, 2017.

Revised series to date: December 19, 2017.

Further information at:

 Population and social conditions. Eurostat.

Other related indicators T=Table

Chapter Living conditions
 Inequality of income distribution T
 People at risk of poverty or social exclusion Europa 2020 T
 At-risk-of-poverty rate. By sex T
 People living in households with very low work intensity Europa 2020 T
 Severely materially deprived people Europa 2020 T
 People at risk of poverty after social transfers Europa 2020 T
 In-work at-risk-of-poverty rate. By sex T
 Relative at-risk-of-poverty gap. By sex and age group T
 Gender pay gap T

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