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The Business Climate Survey is produced jointly by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping (Chamber of Barcelona) and Idescat by virtue of a collaboration agreementsigned in 2008. It integrates five surveys addressing different activity sectors: industry, construction, trade, hotels and othercompany services.

The Business Climate Survey collects the opinions of company representatives, with activities in Cataloniaregarding the evolution and expectations for the reference quarter for a set of variables relating to the economic development of their company

The main objective of the Business Climate Survey is to provide a rapid way of ascertaining the status and evolution ofcompanies operating in Catalonia and, on the basis of that information, anticipate possible changing trends in the economic cycle.

The population of reference is all companies in Catalonia that are involved in any of the activitiescovered by the study, regardless of where their main offices are based. The survey covers the whole of Catalonia.

The survey is quarterly. At the end of each quarter, information is requested in reference to theevolution of the business with respect to the immediately preceding quarter, and the entrepreneur'sexpectations for the following quarter.

The information is presented disaggregated by activity sectors. For industry, trade and other company services, the results are offered for 7, 6 and5 activity branches respectively.

Since the fourth quarter of 2012, having obtained the results, the information from the survey sample is integrated with the sample for Catalonia of the harmonized business confidence indicator operation conducted by the INE. Thanks to a collaboration agreement signed between Idescat and the INE allowing the use and integration of the complementary samples of the two operations, the business confidence indicators of Catalonia are harmonized and comparable with those of the State.

Matching branches of the CCAE-2009:

Code CCAE-2009
Food, beverages and tobacco 10-12
Textiles, dressmaking, leatherwork and footwear 13-15
Wood and cork, Paper, publishing and graphic arts 16-18
Chemical industry, other non-metallic mineral products 20-23
Metallurgy and metal products 24,25
Mechanical machinery and equipment, electric, electronic, computer and optic equipment 26-28
Other industries Section B, D and E and Divisions 19, 29 and 33
Construction 41-43
Retail trade
Food, beverages and tobacco in specialized establishments 472
Household items and furniture in specialized establishments 475-476
Trade in unspecialized establishments 471
Other types of trade in specialized establishments 473-474, 477-479
Vehicles and accessories 45
Wholesale 46
Hotel sector
Hotel sector 55-56
Company services
Informations and communications Section J
Legal, accounting and company management activities 69-71
R&D, market research and specialist services 72-75
Administrative activities Section N
Other services Sections H, K, L, R (divisions 92 and 93) and S (div. 96)

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  • Idescat.
  • Chamber of commerce of Barcelona.
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