European Union indicators 

Indicators of the European Union form a set of indicators that allow to follow-up different aspects of the demographic, economical and social reality of Catalonia in the European context. These indicators may come from the objectives established by the European Commission in the different summits, as well as from the selection of basic statistics that the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat) disseminates.

The Idescat offers a system of European indicators formed by three groups of statistical data:

  1. Structural indicators

    Set of indicators established in the Lisbon Summit in year 2000 and directed at controlling the European policies in the first years of the new millennium. The Idescat disseminates these indicators since year 2005.

  2. Europe 2020 Indicators

    The Idescat incorporates the Europe 2020 Indicators, which the European Commission considers to be strategic for a smart and sustainable growth of Europe until year 2020. Europe 2020 Indicators are structured in five great objectives on the subjects of employment, innovation, climate and energy, education and social integration.

  3. Figures of Catalonia

    Selection of basic data of Catalonia compared with those of Spain and the European Union and disseminated in the publication Xifres de Catalunya, que edita l'Idescat des del 1989.

Els Indicators of the European Union of Idescat consider more than 200 indicators, structured in six thematic sections:

  • Population
  • Employment
  • Economy
  • Society
  • Environment and energy
  • Information society, RDI

The Idescat manages and updates all data that are part of this system of indicators of the European Union. The data of Catalonia are facilitated by the different organizations that are part of the Statistical System of Catalonia and follow the same methodology than the European data; in this way the comparability of the data is guaranteed.

On the other hand, data of the European Union, euro area and Spain come from Eurostat.

Indicators of the European Union are of annual periodicity and are updated in a continuous way to guarantee the maximum timeliness, accessibility and punctuality. Most part of indicators present series since year 2000.

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