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Catalonia. I quarter 2017
        Evolution with respect to        Forecast for the
        previous quarter        next quarter
Business situation (1)   13.523.2
Industry   16.722.1
Construction   8.717.7
Retail   3.022.6
Hotel business   30.144.8
Company service sectors   14.921.7
Level of prices   6.94.7
Industry   6.74.6
Construction   2.24.5
Retail   5.65.4
Hotel business   11.830.5
Company service sectors   7.80.6
Number of employees   6.010.3
Industry   9.06.4
Construction   6.62.1
Retail   5.210.1
Hotel business   1.425.6
Company service sectors   5.411.6
Units: Balance of answers (difference between the percentages of positive and negative responses).

Source: Idescat and Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona.

(1) The first column of the balance in the "Business situation" is referred to the situation in the current quarter.

Date published:

Last period (I quarter 2017): April 13, 2017.

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 Business climate survey. Idescat.

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