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Catalonia. III quarter 2014
        Evolution with respect to        Forecast for the
        previous quarter        next quarter
Business situation (1)   -6.5-7.1
Industry   -1.5-0.5
Construction   -26.2-23.1
Retail   -13.4-0.7
Hotel business   19.9-25.4
Company service sectors   -7.1-6.7
Level of prices   -10.3-10.2
Industry   -8.0-5.5
Construction   -23.5-14.9
Retail   -12.7-4.9
Hotel business   22.4-41.4
Company service sectors   -13.9-8.1
Number of employees   5.2-8.4
Industry   6.4-6.5
Construction   -12.0-14.8
Retail   2.60.3
Hotel business   42.9-48.2
Company service sectors   1.9-4.6
Units: Balance of answers (difference between the percentages of positive and negative responses).
Source: Idescat and Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona.

(1) The first column of the balance in the "Business situation" is referred to the situation in the current quarter.

Date published:

Last period (III quarter 2014): October 15, 2014.

Further information at:

 Business climate survey. Idescat.

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