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Population density. Municipalities with more than 20,000 inhabitants

Population density. Municipalities with more than 20,000 inhabitants Barcelona
Population Surface area km² Density inh./km² Ranking by number of inh.
2022 1,636,193 101.4 16,144.0 1

Methodological note

Definition of concepts

Total population divided by the surface area, expressed in inhabitants per square kilometre.
All inhabitants of a given place. Since 1996, when the continuous management system was established for the Municipal Population Register, in accordance with Royal Decree 2612/1996, of December 20, official population figures for municipalities have been obtained annually using data referred to January 1 of each year.
Surface area
Extension of the territory, measured in square kilometres, which lies within the administrative boundaries of a certain municipality. Also includes enclaves that some municipalities have that are located within other counties.

Methodological aspects

The Municipal population register is the administrative record containing the residents of a given municipality and it constitutes proof that they reside in the municipality and have their usual home there. Statistical processing of the municipal population register provides figures on the number of people registered in the population census in each municipality in Catalonia.

The new county of El Moianès was created on 1 May 2015 (Law 4/2015, of 23 April, on the creation of the county of El Moianès) from the aggregation of five municipalities of the county of El Bages, one from the county of Osona and four from the county of El Vallès Oriental.

Unavailable information is represented using the symbol ":". When the value is lower than that of the minimum unit to be able to estimate the statistical operation or if it effects statistical confidentiality, the symbol used is "..".