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The Statistical Institute of Catalonia (Idescat) provides information related to the frequency of the names and surnames of the resident population upon the basis of the Continuous Statistical Register of INE.

The results are provided for names and surnames with a frequency equal to or greater than four in the whole of Catalonia.

The query can be made in accordance with the order of the frequencies of the most common names and surnames. A specific name or surname can also be searched in order to find out its level of frequency among the entire population.

In the case of the names, the results are broken down by sex, decade of birth and nationality.

The information on the names and surnames of the population is broken down territorially by provinces, areas of the territorial plan and counties. The results of the names by decade of birth and the names by nationality are provided for the whole of Catalonia.

Given that the source used to create this database contains the names in capital letters without accents, in some cases it has not been possible to distinguish between names in Catalan and Spanish, as the accent is the only element that allows any distinction to be made. In these cases the two options are presented together (Maria/María, Àlex/Álex) and no accents have been added to the surnames (Sole, Vila, Garcia).