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Research and Development

The Statistics on Research and Development Activities (R&D) has as an objective to measure the economic and human resources destined to this activity. This operation is carried out by INE annually through a census-based statistic in the sectors of Public Administration, higher education and private non-profit (PNP) sector, and through a sample statistic in the companies sector. The Idescat broadens this information for Catalonia disaggregating variables like the R&D staff in terms of researchers, specialists and other supporting staff, expenditure on R&D as a current expenditure (remunerations and other current expenditures) and as capital expenditure, and the internal spending according to the origin of the funds. In order to facilitate comparability with other countries of the European Union, the methodology used in these statistics follows the guidelines of the OECD, as set out in the Frascati Manual.

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